Rainbow Resort
Conditions of Use

Rainbow Resort is a chat site designed by women for the use of women -- lesbian, bisexual and heterosexual. Women and only women are welcome to chat here and only women may become paying members to enjoy all the features of this chat site. Men, you will find more congenial chat than you have time for at SOI and every single one of of it's other satellite chat sites - the State of Enchantment, Gor, the Mansion, and The Isle. You will not find it here. The technology exists to ban you from our site, and we do not hesitate to use it. Clear enough?

Site Rules

The Rainbow Resort is a Sister State of the State of Insanity complex. There are some rules which are specific to this site, and the rest of the rules come from the Cyber Help, Inc. Conditions of Use.

In the case where there is a rule conflict, the Cyber Help, Inc. Conditions of Use supersede the site rules.

Cyber Help, Inc. Conditions of Use

The Cyber Help, Inc. Conditions of Use can be found at http://soi.hyperchat.com/chat/perm/rules.htm.

Site Specific Rules

  1. Men may not become members. Your application for membership is your warranty that you are a woman and only women will have access to the account.. Rainbow Resort reserves the right to require phone confirmation of your gender and the right to terminate your membership - without refunding your membership fee in whole or in part - if you are caught deceiving us about it.