Greetings, cyber women!

Amelia Earhart, your Governor here. After living so many, many years as a virtual hermit...

Oops, gotta be careful with that word "virtual" now! It means something quite different than it did when I was your age(s) *cackling* And in case anyone is counting, I will be 102 years old on July 24, 1999.


Now WHAT was I saying? Oh, well, after being such a recluse, yet being fond of instruments (as you can well imagine! *pointing my thumb back over my shoulder at my picture*), it was fate that I wandered into internet chat one day and the founders of Rainbow Resort here offered me the job of Governor on the spot. Can you imagine that? Well, the thought rather tickled me, so I said YES, and here I am! *grinning*

Have all sorts of FUN, girls!

Warmest Wishes,

Amelia Earhart, Aviatrix and Governor of Rainbow Resort